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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Prumpet Trumpet (thoughts please) in the General forums; Ok, I'm actually curious about the valves on this. The ones on the Tromba seemed reasonable, but the tiger trumpet ...
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    Re: Prumpet Trumpet (thoughts please)

    Ok, I'm actually curious about the valves on this. The ones on the Tromba seemed reasonable, but
    the tiger trumpet looked like a maintenance nightmare. Also, it's so obvious that they don't want
    to video these things from afar. But it isn't like they're trying to compete with Monette, so just give
    it to us straight. We might be pleasantly surprised.
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    Re: Prumpet Trumpet (thoughts please)

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    Friction and luck.....
    Just don't spoonerise it.
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    Re: Prumpet Trumpet (thoughts please)

    Harrelson appears to be thinking about building trumpets in some sort of composite material in the future. At least he mentioned the general thought. Claimed brass was NOT the best material for a trumpet.

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    Re: Prumpet Trumpet (thoughts please)

    so she picks up the plastic mouthpiece to "have a quick go" and she sounds...PRETTY MUCH THE SAME!!!!" rowuk has been saying this for years, but it doesn't hurt to have compelling video content.

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