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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Public Apology in the General forums; I got a strange message in my private message system telling me that one of my post's had to be ...
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    Public Apology

    I got a strange message in my private message system telling me that one of my post's had to be edited and that I had made some kind slanderious statement about someone useing drugs etc..... I have no memory of this and do not know what post it even was. All I can say is sorry. I have been fighting a horrable kidney infection and have been takeing a bunch of narcotic pain killers for about 2 weeks on top of anti-biotics and have been running a high fever combined with lack of sleep. So I apologise if I said anything that was slanderious to anyone. I have no idea what I would of said that concerned drugs and someone else on this site since I do not know anyone personaly. All I can guess is that I must of been delerious between the fever, drugs and lack of sleep. I have been sleeping about 3 hours ever other day due to the high fever. I do not even rember make a post that would have been bad enough to need censoring/editing. I feel really bad. SO please accept my apology!

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    Re: Public Apology

    Thank you.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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