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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Puje horn in the General forums; So I've seen some of these horns pop up every now and then, but I've never actually payed any attention ...
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    Puje horn

    So I've seen some of these horns pop up every now and then, but I've never actually payed any attention to them until today.

    [ame=]‪Puje SN# E14710‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    After watching Steve demonstrate this horn, I find that I really like the ideas and design concepts behind it! Having the tuning slide back by the first valve, allowing for very fast and precise tuning, just seems incredible to me! Along with the fact that this horn is said to mix some qualities from trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn seems really cool.
    I know that everybody has their own taste for instruments and that some of you might not find anything "practical" about this instrument...but I thought that I would share what I found.

    Does anybody know more about these instruments? From what I gathered, they aren't made anymore after the maker (Bobby?) passed away...
    If anyone knows where to find one...I'd love the opportunity to try one out!

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    Re: Puje horn

    If you ever come to Ithaca, NY, you can play mine. I love it. I have way too many horns and always have some for sale, but the Puje, rare as I play it, will stay here. When I DO play it I find myself wondering why I don't more often. It is a pleasure to play in all respects.

    No longer on the site. Wonder what he got for it.
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