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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Purchase used Amati trumpet for new student? in the General forums; I am considering purchasing a used Amati trumpet for my 6th grader who has never played a note before. The ...
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    Purchase used Amati trumpet for new student?

    I am considering purchasing a used Amati trumpet for my 6th grader who has never played a note before. The trumpet is coming from a very talented high school student, who is selling it for 80$. This seems like a great deal, but should I be renting the getzen 300 series trumpet through the district for $150 instead? The student swears it is fabulous with great sound and got him first chair allstate.

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    Re: Purchase used Amati trumpet for new student?

    Welcome to the forum. Your question is a very common parental one. Amati is not the best regarded student instrument out there, but if it is in good shape, no problems with the valves or slides it would be worth the $80 to buy it to get him started and get by the period of decision as to whether to continue on. I would have the high school student demonstrate it for you and, if possible, have another adult player check it out, maybe his teacher,if a player?
    Rental is not a good option, if you have another.
    You can always come back here with your concerns.
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    Re: Purchase used Amati trumpet for new student?

    Welcome to Trumpet Master. Right on advice was given above. May I add one sure to encourage your son liberaly and often. Musical instruments are tough to play and lots of dues need to be paid in practice and experience. Stick-to-it-ive-ness is the most important ingredient for success. You wont remember the exact moment it happens but someday he will cross the line from "annoying noise" to "humming along with the music." Tell him for me...Welcome to the most enjoyable thing he may do in his life. Being a musician has benefits he can enjoy ALL his lifetime. Stick with it, hang on tight, it can take him lots of places even if it stays a hobby like 99.9% of us. It is supposed to be beautiful and fun and it gets more-so as time and skills go on. Best wishes.
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    Re: Purchase used Amati trumpet for new student?

    I've heard nothing but bad things about Amatis. Especially intonation problems. I would have a pro check it out before I would waste any money on it. As nice as the kid is he's not an expert. The Getzen rental is really a better deal. Most rental programs offer repair insurance. They fix it at no cost to you. Check with the store for other valves such as use of a loaner when your horn goes into the shop. Plus if you stay on the program you'll end up with one of the top 2 student horns on the market.
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