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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Question. in the General forums; Originally Posted by gzent g) When you can play the note ff whenever the gig calls for it. High D~Eb ...
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    Re: Question.

    Quote Originally Posted by gzent View Post
    g) When you can play the note ff whenever the gig calls for it.

    High D~Eb for me. The volume drops pretty quickly after that, but I can play up to DHC any day I
    am fresh. It's just not ff, more like mf.

    Isn't "mf" trumpet code for Maynard Ferguson? So you're being humble not wanting to shame us but you can play DHC FFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Question.

    For me the answer is:

    You OWN the note when:
    You can bury the band with it, even at the end of a long rehearsal or gig.

    It's still a note for you (you just down't OWN it) if you can play it when you are fresh, but blow an airball when cooked.

    Otherwise... you are still developing a squeaker.

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    Re: Question.

    If you don't own the note, but you can nail it once in a while ... I guess you're just renting.

    If, to own the note, you need to play it well on ALL of the mps you use ..... I'm only using the Schilke 14A4A from now on.

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