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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Question for the Docs in the General forums; What is it about playing trumpet makes us feel good? Is it related to endorphins?...
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    Question for the Docs

    What is it about playing trumpet makes us feel good?
    Is it related to endorphins?
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    Re: Question for the Docs

    I agree, that at least in part, it's related to endorphins, through a post-exercise "feel good" hormone release.

    Alternatively, I think we tend to feel good when we do the right thing. And I think this is different from things like endorphins. In this context, feeling good can be the result of stress reduction. In addition, there's an assumption that a person's mood is influenced by one's thoughts and behaviors. For example, "If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up?".

    Help us out Gary.

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    Re: Question for the Docs

    Probably some Seratonin released as well and Dopamine with the anticipation of playing.
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    Re: Question for the Docs

    G-Man must've missed this one, maybe he's out on rounds
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    Re: Question for the Docs

    Not a doc here, but I'll go with it's related to our sense of hearing.

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    Re: Question for the Docs

    Quote Originally Posted by Buck with a Bach View Post
    G-Man must've missed this one, maybe he's out on rounds
    or out cold after too many rounds!
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    Re: Question for the Docs

    Quote Originally Posted by veery715 View Post
    or out cold after too many rounds!
    As of 10:38 AM CST 12/20/12 it was only 48 F in Dayton OH, chilly yes, but freezing cold no. In G-man's case, "rounds" has a double innuendo, and for me a different second.

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    Re: Question for the Docs

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Lee View Post
    What do Italian suppositories have to do with this??
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    Re: Question for the Docs

    Let's not get too technical with body chemistry. Perhaps it's the simple fact that making music is one of man's most honorable endeavours, because in most instances it makes others happy. I'm certain this applies to other instruments as well and is not confined to the trumpet.
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    Re: Question for the Docs

    I too find playing trumpet rather special. I've been playing woodwinds for a long time now, but trumpet seems more immediate, basically you and the horn directly, without the need for a reed in between.

    Also, there is the zen like aspect of trumpet playing. You have to know what note you want to play, you can't just blow and wiggle your fingers about which you can do to a greater degree on woodwinds. It's a great instrument to play, but rather a demanding mistress.
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