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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Question on P.E.T.E usage opinions in the General forums; Holy cow, someone shut down this thread. Let's all talk about something else. It must be TAX MADNESS...
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    Re: Question on P.E.T.E usage opinions

    Holy cow, someone shut down this thread. Let's all talk about something else.

    It must be TAX MADNESS
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    Re: Question on P.E.T.E usage opinions

    The P.E.T.E. is not a substitute for normal practice. It is a plan B for an otherwise accomplished player. It does not boost endurance or improve your playing. It helps you maintain when other things are in the way. I would only recommend it to players that otherwise have what they need to do their job.
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    Re: Question on P.E.T.E usage opinions

    Ouch man...harsh. I know better than to yank on my valves with my mouth. Nor would I tug on a button and string. I guess light-heartedness wasn't appropriate for such a "serious" topic. Maybe I should start using smilies etc. so I'm not taken so seriously...
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    Re: Question on P.E.T.E usage opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by flugelgirl View Post
    Does the silver P.E.T.E. taste weird? I ordered the plastic one recently because I figured I might like the texture a little better and not get any weird metal tastes. Several of my coworkers have been using them with good results.
    I'm sure you've encountered taste of silverplate (gold???) from a mouthpiece although I never had concern about it. Still, now I've become hygenically hyper-sensitive and store well cleaned mouthpieces in pharmacy vials filled with distilled-deionized water with a spash of antiseptic mouthwash added and do the same with my silverplated P.E.T.E. and would also do the same were I to have a Delrin model. Yeah, I transport it and mpcs in my pharmacy pack ... not in my instrument cases.

    I might add that I've heard commentary that it tones the facial muscles and appearance ... well, my aged puss isn't of personal concern ... but most women I know give much attention to theirs and from those that have used P.E.T.E, laud the improvement. I'm just waiting for the day my wife mentions the improvement in my kissing ... and with 44 years of marriage kissing her is still "music" like angels sing (at least from my perspective). Now, if only I could play my horns as well!

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    Re: Question on P.E.T.E usage opinions

    Rowuk, I'm not suggesting that one would substitute practicing for the P.E.T.E. When one has the time to practice. I am suggesting it as an after practice session tool for building upon whatever was acheived by the practice. Do you understand, after one has "done his homework"?

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