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Trumpet Discussion Discuss questions in the General forums; so i played the trumpet in middle school till i was about 12 and am now 17 and have nothing ...
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    so i played the trumpet in middle school till i was about 12 and am now 17 and have nothing else to do
    so i was wondering...

    ska players have a buzzing sound when they play i play a Bb and all i get is very smooth sounds do they have a different kind of trumpet?
    what can i do to get that sound?
    is there detuning when playing like there is on a guitar?

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    First off welcome back!

    Now for your question; not being overly fimiliar with SKA music I'd have to guess that the buzzing your hearing is a vibrato they are adding.

    Just my .02
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    The 'buzz' sound either comes from a very laser-like tone, that is very bright, OR it comes from flutter tonguing. My guess is the first option though. Usemore air to get the sound but dont overblow. They are also probablyplaying really loud to go with the music.

    They use normal Bb trumpets.

    You don't detune trumpets like guitars.

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