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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Quintet Demo in the General forums; Hi Everyone! I thought I would post some of the clips from the Quintet demo we just recorded. The other ...
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    Quintet Demo

    Hi Everyone!

    I thought I would post some of the clips from the Quintet demo we just recorded. The other trumpet player is JC Dodzrelewski. Here they are: -Rondeau -Wedding March -If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments -Fanfare from La Peri

    Any comments and suggestions are very welcome.

    Happy Holidays!

    Andrew Kissling

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    Re: Quintet Demo

    Very nice work Andrew!

    Chuck Willard
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    Re: Quintet Demo

    Great work Andrew!
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    Re: Quintet Demo

    Sounds great, Andrew! Nice blend!
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    Re: Quintet Demo


    Well done! Nice balance!
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    Re: Quintet Demo seemed there were a few too many notes in there, and the balance and articlation were, well...


    ..I'm just kidding. Very nice sound! I think people would be quite impressed with what they hear.
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