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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A quote in the General forums; Read this today. "In today's society, speed is critical. Slow and perfect doesn't work." Too bad....
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    A quote

    Read this today.

    "In today's society, speed is critical. Slow and perfect doesn't work."

    Too bad.

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    yep, today you have to be fast and perfect.
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    I'm interpreting this particular quote to mean that society prefers something done half-a$$ed and fast over something done slow and right.
    Music isn't a career, it's a way of life.

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    sloppy, fast, and portable

    I blame fast food, MP3 players, and Bose.
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    My wife and I are so incredibly different... for the most part... I'm the "lets get it done" type... she on the other hand will take as much time as needed and makes sure every detail is accounted for...

    We usually clean house together... I can't be in the same room... so we start at opposite ends of the house...

    I joke with her... that if I was running a business I would definitely hire her... but I would NEVER pay her by the hour...

    So I'm not fast and perfect... more like "sloppy, fast, and portable"

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