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If you want to play up there ,you have to practice up there. It's like anything else on the trumpet , you want learn how to slur,you practice slurs. The trick is to practice it the right way.

You should try to increase your range everyday. Practicing at a piano or mezzo piano is the best approach for this. Don't continue until your chops are tired,stop often and rest. Try slurring the notes first, this usually easier than tonguing. Practice arpeggios with holding the top note,scales and flexibilities up an octave all at a soft volume with as little pressure as you can . This is what works for me.

This sort of practicing at very quite levels (piano) is helping me get used to a new Prana mouthpiece. And getting used to it, quietly like this, is also increasing my range ... but it seems like, only if I approach it very very softly.