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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Range has reduced? in the General forums; Originally Posted by Saile I have some more time now for next month or so, and increasing practicing time is ...
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    Re: Range has reduced?

    Quote Originally Posted by Saile View Post
    I have some more time now for next month or so, and increasing practicing time is on my to do list.

    I mostly like to focus on my tone and sound when practicing. However, i like to think, if i can hit the A and possibly B with no stress, then a lot more songs would sound better and playable.
    Those two thought will help you the most. Really strive to make music and have fun with it. If you just to that everything will naturally fall into place. Good sounds Good music Good fun.
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    Re: Range has reduced?

    now this isn't the means to the end but just something to keep in mind ... if you want to be able to play the A and B with little to no stress you will need to have the C and D. imho
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    Re: Range has reduced?

    With 30 minutes per day, you should be able to get there eventually. There is enough good advice here already, so I won't add my own.
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