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Trumpet Discussion Discuss rawbrassing in the General forums; Originally Posted by bryant guy ...I know how to strip lacquer, but the question is do you disassemble it all ...
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    Re: rawbrassing

    Quote Originally Posted by bryant guy View Post
    ...I know how to strip lacquer, but the question is do you disassemble it all (I know to remove valves) and just have at the stripper, do I have to protect the valve casings and interior of the horn?..
    I've stripped a couple old Ambassadors with chemical paint stripper, and all I did was remove the valves and water key corks. Removed the lacquer, rinsed it off (and out) well and then washed it in the kitchen sink. Polished it with some MAAS metal polish from Wal-Mart afterward. Here's a picture of the trumpet after lacquer removal:

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    Re: rawbrassing

    Wow looks great! thanks for the reply.

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    Re: rawbrassing

    well its a clevland superior cornet. if that matters, and i was also wondering if i could do liek just the bell, is this possible?
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    Re: rawbrassing

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale Proctor View Post
    Your Conn would end up being mostly raw nickel, and it won't look very pretty once it tarnishes.
    As Dale realizes nickel is a different animal than lacquer and other finishes.

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