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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Re: helping students here in the General forums; The thread is too long and no one is taking notice. So all students please post hear/ Btw I need ...
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    Re: helping students here

    The thread is too long and no one is taking notice. So all students please post hear/ Btw I need a gold plated trumpet with diamond valve buttons. hahaha

    And a bmw m3 too.

    Sorry fellas
    thats a joke

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaseFan View Post
    We have many high school and college students posting here.

    Those of us who are old enough to have voted for Grover Cleveland for President remember what it is like being a student:
    You often don't have the money to buy things you need, like mouthpieces and mutes and sheet music and valve oil.

    So the purpose of this thread:

    If you are a high school student or a college student and you need something like a mouthpiece or a mute or whatever,
    just let us know in this thread what you are looking for and maybe one of us older posters here will have what you need.
    We can then send the needed item(s) to you free of charge.

    It isn't charity.
    It is a way for us older posters to clear our cluttered drawers of all those no-longer-used mouthpieces and mutes and other stuff
    in such a way that will also benefit those students who need such items.
    It will be a win-win situation for everybody, both senders and receivers.

    If any student needs something but doesn't want to publicly post the need here,
    just send me a personal message here at Trumpet Master and I will then post that need in this thread without mentioning your name.

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