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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Reading Material in the General forums; The Inner Game of Tennis is a must read...
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    Re: Reading Material

    The Inner Game of Tennis is a must read

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    Re: Reading Material

    Quote Originally Posted by ozboy View Post
    The Inner Game of Tennis is a must read
    Never read it but I have The Inner Game of Music which is basically the same thing but more music specific - it got me through a few solo performances...
    Nick Jolly

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    Re: Reading Material

    Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance, if you are interested in the idea "What is good." Sample:

    "The principles expounded...were no longer rules to rebel against, not ultimates in themselves, but just techniques, gimmicks, for producing what really counted and stood independently of the the techniques--Quality."

    Good quality stuff in this book.
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    Re: Reading Material

    Print out every post on TM. Thousands of entertaining pages from current and former members covering everything from the ridiculous to the sublime.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Reading Material

    I like rowuk's idea lol, and Ill be sure to check out all those books, even the tennis one.
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    Lightbulb Re: Reading Material

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Grier View Post
    The Art of Trumpet Playing by Keith Johnson. Great book. Not a method book.
    This is out of print, and used copies are selling for $70-120. Must be the 1946 Martin Committee of books ;)
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    Re: Reading Material

    Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Life changing book.

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    Re: Reading Material

    Zen in the Art of Archery...recommended by Carmine Caruso ( who also recommended the Cybernetics book).

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    Re: Reading Material

    The Trumpet, by Gabriele Cassone -- great history of the trumpet along with gorgeous pictures.

    Prelude to Brass Playing by Rafael Mendez

    Brass Playing is No Harder Than Deep Breathing by Claude Gordon

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    Re: Reading Material

    Quote Originally Posted by PakWaan View Post
    This is out of print, and used copies are selling for $70-120. Must be the 1946 Martin Committee of books ;)
    Actually it's not out of print. I talked to Keith about 6 months ago where he teaches at UNT texas. There are a couple left on
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