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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Ready for the holidaze in the General forums; I am all set to hit the road playing carols around town. I have a power inverter and will be ...
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    Ready for the holidaze

    I am all set to hit the road playing carols around town. I have a power inverter and will be able to run my sound system from the car (or any AC outlet), with backing tracks on my tablet mixed in.

    Only been playing a couple months but there's no way to get better than to get out there and play!

    Plus its a lot of fun.

    Jingle Bell Rock on my trumpet in the driveway - YouTube
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    Re: Ready for the holidaze

    Nice playing mate! Keep it up!
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    Re: Ready for the holidaze

    hold the horn up my friend --- YOUR A TRUMPET PLAYER --- not a clarinet pretender!!! I think the mic is giving a bit of distortion or it's my PC, but Hey that is a very nice STYLE you have in making YOUR sound!!!! having YOUR own sound when you play is half the battle in not being a clone of some other trumpet player --- at least in my opinion ----- so keep it going, make people happy around Christmas, give them something to smile about ---- yeah, that is what I am talking about!!!!
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    Re: Ready for the holidaze

    Very pleasant and fun!
    Like others have said - nice sound!
    How is that you have only been playing a couple of months and can have this song (and others I presume) memorized????!?!?
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