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Trumpet Discussion Discuss RealBook database software w/charts, audio, etc. in the General forums; My search for “realbook or fakebook software” on the TM website has failed to turn up any recent threads except ...
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    RealBook database software w/charts, audio, etc.

    My search for “realbook or fakebook software” on the TM website has failed to turn up any recent threads except (real book/fake book myth and facts)real book/fakebook myth and facts (12-15-2008). The posts in that thread seemed to provide mixed opinions of the benefits of fakebooks.

    I recently ran across the website advertised a database software program available for easily accessing Realbookcharts, audio, etc, (mostly jazz) such as found in the hardcopy RealBook.Although the RealBook and similar fakebooks have hundreds of songs, I have found them too cumbersome to be of significant value to me.

    The advertised software appears to be interesting and easy to use, and might be of benefit. However, the cost (>$125 with the usual no return policy for software) seems too pricey to just “check out.” So I wondered if any TM members have tried it and if so, what were your impressions?
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    Re: RealBook database software w/charts, audio, etc.

    Several of my friends/colleagues have done their own transposition of the Real Books to their iPods/iPads. I am getting tired of lugging all the paper music around; it is heavy. And I don't remember all the tunes I think I used to know, so I have to lug something. But, that said: For me the electronic projection of these things on a 5x7 screen means they are too small to read. I guess I'll remain stuck in the dark ages.

    Also, a caveat emptor: the kudos and the hyperbole attached to that website are over the top. That alone would make me worry. But, you posted because you are being careful, yes?

    Recall that you are dealing with an old curmudgeon here.

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    Re: RealBook database software w/charts, audio, etc.

    I purcased a data cd of many Fakebooks from Ebay for about $5.00. It works great on my 15 inch laptop screen. If you fold back the top of the music stand the laptop sits pretty good on it. I saw a keyboard player using his laptop at an outdoor event. He had rigged up a box with one side missing to set over the laptop to shade the screen for better visibilty.
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    Re: RealBook database software w/charts, audio, etc.

    IRealb for iPhone & android
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    Re: RealBook database software w/charts, audio, etc.

    Ditto to what's already been said.

    I have several of the Real Books in PDF format on my Android Tablet. This works fine for me.

    As someone also mentioned, I also have the iRealB on my Android, which I primarily use as a practice tool.

    The only person I DON'T agree with is graysono. I don't think he's an "old curmudgeon".

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