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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Recital? in the General forums; Just curious Manny, Since I have to do a short 20 to 30 min recital soon for examination. I'm just ...
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    Just curious Manny,
    Since I have to do a short 20 to 30 min recital soon for examination.
    I'm just wondering, if you have a short recital to do, without any restriction except for the time limit, which pieces would you pick and why?

    It would be wonderful if people could add in what they would like to perform too! :)

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    Re: Recital?

    Ketting Intrade - I can show just about everything a trumpet can do except for high range 4:25
    Telemann Oboe Concerto in f minor - brilliant piece, fits the trumpet very well
    about 10:00
    Clarke Debutanté - not too tough and fun! 5:30

    20 Minutes and everybody in the jury knows exactly what you are all about!
    The Ketting could be replaced by the Fisher Tull miniatures.

    oops, I jumped in before Manny - sorry!
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    Re: Recital?

    No problem, Robin... didn't see the thread, so, thanks for the bump.

    I like the Honegger Intrada followed by the Ketting or Goedicke Concert Etude. Then I'd finish the Haydn Concerto or one of the Arban Themes and Variations.


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    Re: Recital?

    I love the Turrin Caprice or Ibert Impromptu, maybe a Clarke, and maybe an Eb piece like Hummel, Haydn or Neruda.
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    Re: Recital?

    I like to do unusual things.
    It all depends who the audience is.
    I try to think of it from their point of view and pick things that will be entertaining or interesting.
    Also, if you do choose to do a well known piece try and put a twist on it, maybe write your own cadenzas for the Haydn?

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    Re: Recital?

    Thanks for your reply!

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    Re: Recital?

    I agree with the clarke solos. They are usually a ton of fun and not way too demanding. One of my other favorites is The Halsey Stevens. Due to time you may want to only do one mvt, the first and third are good choices, IMO. And I also like Bozza Rustiques, it has some fun lines and the end can be a finger twister. The others mentioned above are great too. I am just adding my favs to them.
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