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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Recommended eBay seller in the General forums; We often caution one another about eBay sellers to approach with caution. And, while one transaction isn't a verifiable pattern, ...
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    Recommended eBay seller

    We often caution one another about eBay sellers to approach with caution. And, while one transaction isn't a verifiable pattern, I want to recommend eBay seller "56fowl". I believed that he had accepted an offer I had made for merchandise, but I was mistaken. The short story is that when we both realized what had happened he immediately refunded my payment and voided the sale. He even made a counter offer which I declined. We both left positive feedback--it was, after all an honest mistake--and eventually he even accepted my original offer. A real class act.
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    Re: Recommended eBay seller

    Yes, it is good to point out positive transactions. 56fowl carries nice items as well.

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    Re: Recommended eBay seller

    I've purchased a few horns from John and he's a very reputable eBay dealer - once he even put nicer bottom caps on a horn...after the deal was already done.

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    Re: Recommended eBay seller

    I've bought a couple horns from John over the years as well. Nice guy, and always upfront and accurate about his items.
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    Re: Recommended eBay seller

    This is nice because I just bought an Olds Ambassador from him. I actually had tracking info within half an hour of the auction ending!
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    Re: Recommended eBay seller

    I also have had very good and positive ebay dealings with 56fowl.
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