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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Recording help! in the General forums; Hi i just got a new zoom h2n audio recorder. I am going to recird a band that includes me ...
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    Recording help!

    Hi i just got a new zoom h2n audio recorder. I am going to recird a band that includes me on trumpet, guitar , double bass and drum kit. So i have no idea how to set up the devoce. What kind of set should i have all the options on if im recording in a closed room with no echo! Please help urgent tipss pleasee. Ps its for an audition

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    Re: Recording help!

    I'm afraid you'll have to read the manual that came with it, which probably has a quick-start guide, or Google "Zoom H2n manual", or look up "Zoom H2n" on YouTube. Good luck. PS - these things are not that hard to use. Put in batteries, turn it on, take it from there.

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    Re: Recording help!

    Hi MatanLevy. I have a Zoom H1, and use it often to record my band. As Reedman1 suggested, there likely will be some suggestions in the documentation.

    For me, I like to put the record out in front of the band about 10 feet. The downside is that I risk picking up a lot from nearby audience members.

    Because of space limitations, on some gigs, I'm forced to keep it on stage. In this situation, I avoid putting it directly in front of any of our amps. I sometimes seem to lose some of the highs, depending on the position.

    But in both cases, it works out pretty well. Experiment with different positions.

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    Re: Recording help!

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