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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Recovery in the General forums; Well this monday exactly a week from today im gettin my wisdom teeth out (may 18). So I wont be ...
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    Well this monday exactly a week from today im gettin my wisdom teeth out (may 18). So I wont be able to play for a week from what Ive been told by the doctor, I also heard of where a few of my friends bled on their first day back to practice, so im wonderin whats the best way to reenter the playing field without compromising my embouchure for a few more days or weeks? Im one of those people that if I dont practice my range and endurance/tone go right down the toilet. and I need to be back up to full range and endurance by mid june because our upcoming show, from the rumors ive heard, is supposed to be fast paced again and I also heard our top trumpets (may include me) will not drop below the C in the middle in the bar line and not ubove high C. so how should I come back in when I first start playin? Should I just do my starndard warmup routine and stay away from range and quick playin with fast air? I plan to do the pencil exercise while im off for that week to try to keep my muscles strong on my embouchure. so how should I re-enter the playing field in your opinion?

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    search for "Eric Bolvin" and "pencil". That will keep you from losing everything during your recovery time! Then long tones, slurs and easy tunes for a week, then the rest of your routine. If you have trouble, take breaks. Common sense is your greatest ally, not some fancy method that sounds good on the internet!
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