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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Recovery from surgery in the General forums; Originally Posted by amzi Thanks Tomaso--but, the hernia was completely asymptomatic, I did not have GERD and still do not. ...
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    Re: Recovery from surgery

    Quote Originally Posted by amzi View Post
    Thanks Tomaso--but, the hernia was completely asymptomatic, I did not have GERD and still do not. When they scoped me prior to surgery no esophageal erosion was noted. Also, since I no longer have hypertension I do not take any anti-hypertensive medication. My AF has been fairly well controlled by the multaq, but not completely eliminated--thus the consult for the ablation. I will, however talk to my cardiologist regarding the connection between esophageal irritation, pulmonary veins and AF. Since the primary part of the surgery involved removing the majority of my stomach it is certainly possible that some esophageal and/or pulmonary vein irritation could have been the result.
    By the way--my surgeon initially told me to not play for 6 months following surgery. He feared air would be forced through my esophagus into what remains of my stomach and cause problem. Anyway, I settled on a 6 week hiatus that has seemed to be appropriate. The surgery has apparently healed nicely--it's the "complications" that have complicated things.
    Thanks for the info, Amzi. Goes to show the value of taking an HPI; "history of present illness", which of course I couldn't do.
    If I might comment on your comment, I only suggested GERD because it's been implicated in AF, and also because based on what little information I had it seemed logical as an etiology for the AF. I hope you will print out my little erroneous analysis and let your cardiologist read it.
    About playing your horn, you might want to think about staying below G above the staff for a few months if you want to return to playing sooner than advised. That will attenuate pressure on the diaphragm and abdomen a bit. Just think about Chet Baker. With occasional exceptions he played mostly in the lower register and made memorable music. It could be a good opportunity to explore that avenue for a while.


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    Re: Recovery from surgery

    Ed--I don't snore and I don't have sleep apnea. People have been trying to give it to me for years, but they haven't succeeded yet. I have asthma and have been diagnosed with COPD, but I don't require oxygen. With the exception of occasional asthma symptoms my only real problem is a lack of "vital capacity". I only have about 75% of "normal" lung capacity--but I am able to work around that. Hope everything goes well when you visit your doctors.
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    Re: Recovery from surgery

    Quote Originally Posted by amzi View Post
    I've asked a couple of health elated questions on the forum in the last couple of years, and here's another one. I underwent a gastric sleeve procedure a week ago, however at the time of the surgery my surgeon discovered a huge (his word) hiatal hernia that he had to repair before accomplishing the gastric sleeve. He also encountered significant adhesions that had to be dealt with. So I awoke after a 2 hour surgery with no recovery plan. My question is--how long after the surgery should I wait before I begin playing again? Thanks in advance for your help. By the way, my surgeon is of no real assistance in this decision since he believe that playing the trumpet involves forcing air into the stomach.
    I was off for the longest 3 months of my life after getting my diaphragm sewn back up. If you are in a hurry, just think about the option of it tearing because you leaned on it too early. After 3 months I had the opportunity to restart just like I successfully teach others. It was a great lesson!

    Your doctor may be right about air in the stomach. I don't know any trumpet players that don't fart......
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    Re: Recovery from surgery

    Quote Originally Posted by amzi View Post
    ...atrial fibrillation, multaq and warfarin prescribed; the midst of all this I have lost 95 pounds I can eliminate stress in my life, so I've turned in my resignation pending the church finding a replacement.
    Hang in their my fiend. It WILL get better. I had a near death experience that had me loose nearly 30 lbs and it has REALLY helped me. God's way of telling me to slim down I see it. And my trumpet playing has never been better as a result, I truly feel this. And the only other thing I can recommend is Sotalol. I am having great luck in my afib patients with this medication and that's now lie... Get it afib... no lie. Yeah. Humor in medicine goes a long way. You will too sir by playing the stress away in or out of church.
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