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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Remove valve oil from clothes in the General forums; Can anyone comment on how to remove valve oil from clothes....
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    Remove valve oil from clothes

    Can anyone comment on how to remove valve oil from clothes.

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    Re: Remove valve oil from clothes

    Add some hand cleaner like Go-Jo to the wash for petroleum-based oils. A pre-soak in water/vinegar may help. Synthetic fabrics are almost impossible to get oil out of.
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    Re: Remove valve oil from clothes

    Valve oil will wash out in a regular wash. It's not a stain.
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    Re: Remove valve oil from clothes

    Quote Originally Posted by alant View Post
    Can anyone comment on how to remove valve oil from clothes.
    I look upon this as a virtue. It's an opportunity to get new clothes!

    In fact you can use this to your advantage. I have learned when I stain a shirt my wife say, "Honey, you can't wear that shirt". The next day she runs out and gets me another one. Kind of gives me the idea to go crazy with the vavle oil on those hideous shirts I bought for myself.... Hmmm...
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    Re: Remove valve oil from clothes

    Petroleum based oils can be removed with detergents. Synthetic oils are not as friendly.
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    Re: Remove valve oil from clothes

    A stain fighter like shout or resolve works pretty well, as does a clorox bleach pen for spot treating whites. I've saved many dress white uniforms with that combination!
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