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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Rent vs buy used in the General forums; Parents of school-aged children are often steered to renting a trumpet vs. buying a good used one. Usually they are ...
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    Rent vs buy used

    Parents of school-aged children are often steered to renting a trumpet vs. buying a good used one. Usually they are steered to one shop "recommended" by the band director. I'd love to hear some thoughts on renting vs. buying.

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    Re: Rent vs buy used

    renting a horn could be more expensive than buying it : if you drop it and damage it, you'll have to pay more ! a good used student horn is not so expensive , so it's best to buy it, and you can sell it later when you don't use it ... for $200 you cand have a very good trumpet , and if it's well cared you can sell it after a few years for the same price .
    how much costs to rent a horn for 2 years for example ? how much you'll need to pay if after one week you drop/ding/break it and make it unplayable ? think about it...

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    Re: Rent vs buy used

    At my shop, any damage that is not intentionally inflicted is free to be repaired for people who rent. The same goes with chem cleaning.
    It is pretty easy to tell what is caused purposefully and what isn't.
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    Re: Rent vs buy used

    At our local store, they have some very nice trumpets, even a brand new Strad, which you may rent, and after a certain period time buy with the balance remaining. So its not bad of a deal.
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    Re: Rent vs buy used

    A few years ago, my brother told me my niece wanted to play trumpet in middle school. He was looking at renting one, and I told him I could get him a nice one for around $100 if he's rather buy. After 2 or 3 months, he'd be ahead, and if she quit or wanted a better one later, I told him he could easily get his money out of it. I'd just seen an Olds Ambassador trumpet for sale in a local antique store for $120, really nice condition - even the lacquer! I went back and talked them down to $100 and bought it for her.

    A couple years later, my other brother told me the same story, this time a nephew. He's now playing a nice 1960's Conn Director I found on eBay for a similar investment.

    Both my brothers played trumpet, so they know all about cleaning, oiling, etc. I told them there was really no advantage for them to rent.
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