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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Repair Shop Damage in the General forums; Valve are so frustrating - when they work, we pay them no mind and when they don't, we fixate to ...
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    Re: Repair Shop Damage

    Valve are so frustrating - when they work, we pay them no mind and when they don't, we fixate to distraction. The first thing I would try are stiffer springs on all three valves: that will "push" a reluctant valve up and the other two will feel the same going down. Otherwise, find a new shop and figure you'll be having them lapped.
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    Re: Repair Shop Damage

    Tell the shop that fixed it that it is still not quite 100%. They will probably do more work on either straightening the piston or lapping it in. Best repair practice is to initially do as little removal of metal as possible, and to work with the player to get the valves to the most acceptable stage.

    Go back to your repairer and talk with them.
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