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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Replated valves-Any good? in the General forums; I am looking at a horn with replated valves. Is this a problem or should I expect them to perform ...
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    Replated valves-Any good?

    I am looking at a horn with replated valves. Is this a problem or should I expect them to perform as good as new? Hold up over time?

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    Re: Replated valves-Any good?

    Replated means that they have been rebuilt. If it was a good job then it will be as good as new.
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    Re: Replated valves-Any good?

    As long as it was done by a reputable firm it should be fine. Most shops send them to Anderson Plating. They did a Selmer for me and the valves are great.

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    Re: Replated valves-Any good?

    In some cases, the replated valves can be better than new! In most cases the valves have been replated because it is a great horn that has been played and played and played....
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    Re: Replated valves-Any good?

    The other side of this coin is when valves have been poorly rebuilt. Just don't send a horn to Tallahassee, Fl. for the job. On mine, the plating started to peel almost immediately after I recieved the trumpet back. It was a total waste of $350.00 plus the shipping cost in both directions.

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