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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Reverse or standard lead pipe? in the General forums; Looking to buy a new trumpet. My current trumpet has a reverse lead pipe. Shall I go for another reverse ...
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    Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    Looking to buy a new trumpet. My current trumpet has a reverse lead pipe. Shall I go for another reverse lead pipe or get a standard one? What is the difference between the two?

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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    Welcome to TM, hattersley!

    Try both.
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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    Welcome to TM!. No experience here with reverse lead-pipes. Mine are standard configuration and I like them very much.
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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    It depends what you are after...

    In theory reversed leadpipe will be a bit more free blowing, open and possibly in tune due to it being slightly more efficient. With that said these differences may or may not exist in every case and to most of us will probably not be HUGE differences compared to a similar conventional slide.

    With THAT all said... some people will prefer a bit more resistence etc from the conventional setup SO yeah... the real answer would be if at all possible you should really try both setups and see what feels best for you... it's a preference thing for sure.

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    My opinion on this issue has been an evolving one. My current opinion is that it is the brace placement that makes the biggest difference on a reversed leadpipe horn. I learned this by moving braces around on both standard and reversed leadpipe models. Moving the front brace back, closer to the valve block can have the effect of making a horn a bit more lively. All that said, you need to play these horns and try them out. Differences from one horn to another (even with the same make and model) can be very noticeable, which is why play testing is so important.
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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    Most folks find that after trying many horns they will buy the one they like best - regardless of the lead pipe configuration. But hold on there's more.... then when they are proudly talking about their new purchase with their cohorts they will say knowingly... "of course this one has the reverse lead pipe." :)
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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    If you play tested blindfolded, I doubt you could tell the difference. I've read that the most important part of the lead pipe is the first 4-5 inches, well before the tuning slide. Of course there is the Pilzuk (sp??) lead pipe, stepped the entire length. Try them all! It'll be fun!
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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    I second the opinion of musicalmason on this one. Brace placement and responsiveness are the main areas impacted. Trying as many horns as one can w/o considering the design is the way to pick the one for you. If you are not in a position to do this, then it's a cr*pshoot.

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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    The main thing is the feel of the horn. When I first tried my Jupiter 812, it just felt and sounded great. Only later did I find out that it has a reverse leadpipe... and I still don't care about the theory.
    All my other horns have standard ones (and feel great in the respective situations I use them for). So - don't bother your head about technicalities. Just let the horn itself tell you whether it likes you or not...
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    Re: Reverse or standard lead pipe?

    I'll echo the others - let the pliay test do the talking. If when the smoke clears you prefer a horn with a reversed leadpipe, then so be it. If not, it's not going to hold you back becasue the horn will be player, reversed leadpipe or not.

    Having said that, Schilke B models are all reverse leadpipe trumpets, and reading about how Renold extensively prototyped and tested his trumpet models, there must have been a reason he created them as reverse leadpipe trumpets. Then again, initially he thought that the end of the mouthpiece should butt up against the leadpipe venturi, and we now know that this isn't really ideal - there should be some gap in the receiver.

    For Bachs, I always prefered standard leadpipe to reversed leadpipe, but I'm not sure how much difference it really makes.
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