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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Reversed Leadpipe in the General forums; Originally Posted by trumpetnick Oompah, It is about overall design, not just one detail. Trust your ears, not specification numbers ...
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    Re: Reversed Leadpipe

    Quote Originally Posted by trumpetnick View Post

    It is about overall design, not just one detail. Trust your ears, not specification numbers in adverts and salesmen mouths.
    Absolutely! Thank you Trumpetnick
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    Re: Reversed Leadpipe

    Agreed. Makes total sense to me.

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    Re: Reversed Leadpipe

    Quote Originally Posted by Oompah1 View Post
    I am trying to learn more about the effect of reversed leadpipes on trumpets as well. I know most people rave about the unique dark, smokey sound that the Martin Committee trumpets produce. From photos I've seen, they appear to have reversed leadpipes. If having a reversed leadpipe on a trumpet is considered a negative, why are Martin Committee's considered such great trumpets?
    I play a Medium bore 1946 MC everyday. The tone is very creamy and projects well. I think the "dark, smokey" attributes are due in large part to the conical "cornet-style" leadpipe. In fact, the bore continues to taper through the crook of the tuning slide. Of course, the entire horn is extremely lightly braced which results in the increased feedback to the player, as mentioned - also some distortion of the low register (C,C# and D), due to the bell "bouncing": well, that's my take on it. The reversed leadpipe is IMO not a negative as it reduces resistance and makes the .454 Medium bore blow like a much larger horn.

    The Martins are considered great horns for the loose slotting and the fantastic valves - solid nickel and smooth and fast. Extremely well made, very pretty, sounds good - just a great experience. A joy to play and I feel blessed to play mine, every single day!!
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