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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The rewards of trumpet practice. in the General forums; If you thought THAT was great... OP: I completely agree about how cool it is to have those notes come ...
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    Re: The rewards of trumpet practice.

    If you thought THAT was great... OP: I completely agree about how cool it is to have those notes come easily after dedicated practice. And I think trumpet, and all brass, are particularly "magic" in the sense that there are only 3 lousey buttons and yet just by thinking about it (and eventually not even thinking), you get different notes with the same fingering.

    The even greater thing, IMHO, occurs if you get into jazz improv. Way back I used to be a pretty accomplished sax player. I remember one particular improv I did, to this day. The combo was cooking along, and during my improv I got the distinct feeling of being able to think the music into existence. I literally created the exact music I was thinking and wanted to hear. It was as if I wasn't even there but instead was listening to a tune whose music changed exactly according to what I wanted it to change to.

    That little music nirvana happened only a couple times for me. I'm sure the real pros experience that constantly during improv. Anywho it's something to strive for, that complete physical freedom "iceberg" us beginners only touch the tip of.
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    Re: The rewards of trumpet practice.

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    ...........Disclaimer: For everyone other than Kingtrumpet, think and reflect carefully for what I have just posted... For Kingtrumpet, just move on... hate to see the mess if your head should sudddenly explode trying to figure this out!
    In keeping with the OP success -- congratulations Newbie. I think the next goal will keep elevating you to a further expectation of what you can achieve on the trumpet with diligent practice, intelligent practice (not pushing beyond what you are able to do), and a goal.

    Disclaimer --Kingtrumpet does not need to reflect carefully -- Kingtrumpet already knows when he has practiced sufficiently to be distinctly better than the day or week before, then consequently the following week his progress will either be -- BETTER, OR WORSE, OR NEARLY THE SAME -- and that is a fact!!!!!!
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