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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Reynolds Professional ERA in the General forums; I have a vintage Reynolds Professional ERA trumpet from circa the early '70s. Can someone tell me where to look ...
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    Reynolds Professional ERA

    I have a vintage Reynolds Professional ERA trumpet from circa the early '70s.

    Can someone tell me where to look up the serial number so I can figure out the exact year?

    What would this trumpet be worth?


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    Re: Reynolds Professional ERA

    Hello,go to the (Contempora Corner) internet site. All the Reynolds Horns/ serial # and dates can be found there. First, the over all condition of your horn outside and out, is a main factor for what it is worth.

    Put it on e-Bay with some good pics and info. With a low reserve and buy it now price or start the bidding at $5.00 with no reserve. If it looks great and valves have very good compression. It should bring a fair price, if there is a demand and desire for this Reynolds model.

    I do not know much about the Reynolds ERA line. Seems they were designed more for High lead type playing or a lead horn. They were made at the end of the Olds and Reynolds Era.

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    Re: Reynolds Professional ERA

    The Reynolds ERA model was the same as the sister-company Olds CHR ("Custom High Range") model. Both were top-of-the-line models but the problem is that they were only made for a brief period and did not develop much of a following. So, they are not seen very often and only those who know what they are have an interest. Ebay is still the best bet and trumpet listings have a lot of views there. The question is whether or not a buyer who knows that model will happen to look while it is listed.

    If you post some photos in the classified section here (it is free but you must first upload your photos to a free hosting site such as PhotoBucket or Flickr and then copy the .IMG link to your post) with a description of any flaws or distress to the horn, it will likely generate some attention. The problem is that the rules here state that you must post an asking price. If the condition is right you could start at $1000 OBO and see what sort of reaction you see. If the condition is not perfect, the offers may come in somewhat below that. But, lets have a look and see what condition it is in.

    Good Luck.
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