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Trumpet Discussion Discuss (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them? in the General forums; Originally Posted by Hoosier303 what's a ska band? Ska and reggae started in Jamaica, and ska is more upbeat (by ...
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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoosier303 View Post
    what's a ska band?

    Ska and reggae started in Jamaica, and ska is more upbeat (by which i mean forward-moving/faster) part, and then it got bounced to England for second wave, and then there is the Ska in the US called third wave that is what most people in the US now know as ska

    Original ska song:
    [ame=]YouTube - Guns of Navarone - The Skatalites[/ame]
    To england:
    [ame=]YouTube - Madness - One Step Beyond[/ame]
    To the US
    [ame=]YouTube - Catch 22-Keasbey Nights[/ame]
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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    Almost all of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's music has wind and string in it... almost all have saxophone and violin and harmonica, about half have trumpet. I would really look at their catalog, some excellent and well recognized stuff in there.

    BTW if you ever want to see a good concert, see them live. The man always puts on a 4 hour show with a ten song encore. You definitely get your money's worth. Anytime he's on the East Coast of the States I make it a point to see him.
    Ed Con...

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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    Quote Originally Posted by guitarsrmine View Post
    Anything by Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire, BS&T. Good luck in the band
    There ya go . . . .

    Here are 10 horn-band classics that still hold their popularity today:

    Chicago - "25 or 6 To 4," "Make Me Smile," "Beginnings"

    Earth, Wind & Fire - "Fantasy," "Gotta Get You Into My Life," "September"

    Blood, Sweat & Tears - "Spinning Wheel," "You Made Me So Very Happy," "And When I Die"

    Ides Of March - "Vehicle"
    Steve Bolander

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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    Huey Lewis and the News, Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, Earth Wind and Fire, Genesis/Phil Collins are all laden with horn parts.
    Hard to Handle - Done more recently by the Black Crows (originally Otis Redding maybe) lends itself to horn parts, as do many old Motown R&B songs.
    La Grange that you mentioned above, you could play the underlying rhythm on horns.
    Any big disco crowd pleaser like YMCA, still works with a college crowd.
    Baker Street, Pick up the Pieces, Ghostbusters, and Proud Mary all have horns in them.
    Crazy Little Thing (Called Love - by Queen perhaps) is on your list and wouldn't be hard to add horn parts.
    Greg Glassmeyer

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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    Hey, I just joined a rock/reggae band that wanted a horn player as well.
    Some of the stuff we have done since i joined (playing trumpet and flugel) already have dedicated horn lines, others, i just did a bit of arranging and came up with my own stuff that the band approved... here is a small list. (at the office now and dont have my notebook here to check back for the other songs)
    Tub Thumping (really nice reference at the end to Trumpet Voluntary)
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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    I'd like to note that Hal Leonard has a "best of Blood, Sweat, and Tears" book that has the horn parts (and solos) verbatim. If you decide to play any BS&T, it will set you back about $20 but you'll save a lot of time.
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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveB View Post
    Chicago - "25 or 6 To 4," "Make Me Smile," "Beginnings"
    In my opinion, one of Chicago's best songs never gets mentioned -- "Introduction" from the first album. It's a terrific song which promised much great music to follow. Unfortunately (again, in my opinion) all the great music which did follow is all on the first disk of that 2-disk initial offering and everything after that was a disappointment.

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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    Here's a sample of some classic 70's rock with horns.

    Call On Me --- Chicago
    [ame=]YouTube - Chicago - Call On Me[/ame]

    Make Me Smile --- Chicago
    [ame=]YouTube - Chicago - Make Me Smile (1977)[/ame]

    You've Made Me So Very Happy --- Blood Sweat & Tears
    [ame=]YouTube - Blood Sweat & Tears - You've made me so very happy[/ame]

    Vehicle --- Ides Of March
    [ame=]YouTube - Ides of March - Vehicle[/ame]
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    Re: (rock) bands with wind / trumpet section in them?

    we play some Chicago and I'd play them all nite except there's one problem, most of their stuff isn't danceable ie if your in a dance club people can't dance to most of their stuff. Now KC and the Sunshineband is a different story.
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