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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Romeo Adaci Resonanz in the General forums; Hey all, I've been very curious about buying a new horn lately, and am prepared to spend monette-sized prices. Instead ...
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    Romeo Adaci Resonanz

    Hey all,
    I've been very curious about buying a new horn lately, and am prepared to spend monette-sized prices. Instead of a Monette, I'm considering the Romeo Adaci Resonanz, but before I think about spending $12 000 on a horn, I really want to know what it plays like. Anyone ever played one? Know someone who plays one? Seen one in real life? Or am I just going to have to settle for an Ajna 2? They only seem to exist on porn-like pictures on the internet.
    Let me know.

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    Re: Romeo Adaci Resonanz

    You may want to contact Felix at New York Trumpet Company as he distributes these trumpets in the US.

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    Re: Romeo Adaci Resonanz

    Somehow I want to respond to this.
    I am at a loss for words.

    Please post photos of Romeo Adaci Resonanz.............naked.

    Found it, and is she hot?
    Romeo Adaci Trumpets
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    Re: Romeo Adaci Resonanz

    Unfortunatly Felix was unable to help me as he is no longer a dealer for Romeo Adaci. He did tell me that they were too expensive (Shark9 =5500 Resonanz=12000) but I don't think that's too expensive for something like the Resonanz or a Monette. They look great and are advertised as playing great as well, like a functional work of art.

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    Re: Romeo Adaci Resonanz

    I played that horn... It's great! Infact, Romeo finished the 1st batch of Stage 1 Lights...

    Go for it!


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    Re: Romeo Adaci Resonanz

    I concur... the Shark is a terrific horn and well worth the money, especially at the reduced rate NYTC is offering to sell it for ($3500):

    You then might could save the extra $8500 and "still" buy another horn or 3 or 4...

    Hey...if you've got the bread and the will... enjoy the quest. Whatever you decide, you will be happy and have a great horn.
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