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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Rowuk... Video please? in the General forums; You get a camcorder, and record his playing, then you use a firewire to connect it to your computer and ...
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    Re: Rowuk... Video please?

    You get a camcorder, and record his playing, then you use a firewire to connect it to your computer and edit it on any video processing software and post it on youtube. Perhaps it would be a good topic to bring up with the webmasters of trumpetmaster and ask them to allow us to post videos as well as photos.

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    Smile Re: Rowuk... Video please?

    [quote=mrtrpt;407515]Dear Rowuk,

    I would love to see a video clip of you playing something! I think that with the level of technology available today, this would really enhance even more all of the valuable help you offer on this forum.

    I agree.......... With you heading towards 5000 posts, I would think a Vid of you would be just the ticket, what do ya say here Rowuk. You really have some interesting posts............have you found anything yet ?


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    Re: Rowuk... Video please?

    Firewire will get it off of your camcorder (looks like a really small USB cable). Plug one end into your camcorder and the other end into your computer. Your computer then basically recognizes your camcorder as a "mass storage device" and you are able to transfer the video. If you don't have the proper connections on your computer or camcorder for firewire, you may have to go through some headache and at that point you are better off to go find a computer nerd and let them explain it to you in person!! When you get it off your camcorder, edit it with any video software you like. If you are running a current version of Windows, you probably already have Windows Movie Maker, it works well enough. If not, it and a couple other programs are available for free. Unfortunately, you are stuck with Youtube or any other hosting site until TM makes video hosting possible on this site.... at any rate I really look forward to seeing your and Robin's future posts!!
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    Re: Rowuk... Video please?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bear View Post
    And do I have to post to all the idiots on youtube... ?
    If you really wanted to you could disable comments and ratings, as NickD does when he uploads to youtube. That will spare you the idiocy of the large portion of youtubers.
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