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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Rubber bands in the General forums; For marching band, when I used my aristocrat, I had a rubber band on the third slide because when we ...
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    Re: Rubber bands

    For marching band, when I used my aristocrat, I had a rubber band on the third slide because when we went from playing position to carry it would fall right out, but it kept snapping and getting nasty from valve oil and slide grease. So I started using a hair tie, it works real well, holds up, and doesn't do anything to the horn, and kids use them on their strads and xenos, and im thinking of using it on this horn I have for the season.
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    Re: Rubber bands

    Another supporter of hairbands here. My newer horn has a slide stop built-on, but with my old yamaha I used a black hairband with a bit of electrical tape over the metal end to keep it from scratching. Loop it on top of the spit valve down and around the bottom side of the valve casings, and your slide should stay put.

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    Re: Rubber bands

    I use a hair tie on my Bach C (it doesn't have it's stop thing anymore) and it works just fine. The best thing about the elastic thread is that it's adjustable since you can just tie it to any length. The hair tie happens to be perfect for that particular horn, but can't be adjusted for any other. Also, the hair tie has lots of tension and I take it off to play...the thread just stays on all the time and I never have to think about it.

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