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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Scales in the General forums; Originally Posted by wilcox96 There are tons of books/methods with exercises relating to scales. Pick any you'd like...Gekker, Arbans, etc, ...
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    Re: Scales

    Quote Originally Posted by wilcox96 View Post
    There are tons of books/methods with exercises relating to scales. Pick any you'd like...Gekker, Arbans, etc, etc... The key then becomes "how" you practice them, which will make the most difference in your results - regardless of the method.

    Here's a couple of thoughts:
    • Be precise and solid when you push the valves down. Banging the valves...or whatever term you wish... but the main point is to press them solidly, not ambiguously.
    • Do not settle for sloppiness. Best to work with a metronome to "make" your fingers do what you want them to, when you want them to. If you flub a note or so and don't go back to work on correcting the mistake, you are only practicing to be sloppy. You should practice to be perfect. If a particular scale or section of a scale is whatever it takes to master it. Slow down. Play it hundreds of times until it becomes fluent.
    You should probably write yourself a little chart, picking a couple of keys to work on per week until you've hit them all. How many is up to you...but being mindful of the thoughts above. Mix the keys in your chart to be equal between flat and sharp keys. Work especially hard on the ones with the most #'s/b's. Take your time and you will get it.
    By doing these things, you will see results in a relatively short amount of time. Stay at it and be positive.

    Best of success to you....
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    Re: Scales

    Quote Originally Posted by jonny89 View Post
    is there anyway of making the practising of scales more fun because i worry i will just get bored
    Just as an athlete who keeps running when tired discovers the "second wind," so is it for us with scales. They do get boring, so we just keep plugging away, and at some point they'll stop being boring. Really! Try it and see for yourself.

    Have fun!
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    Re: Scales

    Remember that scales are part of learning all of the KEYS.

    To add interest play songs and tunes you know in every key.
    This way you are training your brain and fingers to work in every key and making it fun too.
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    Re: Scales

    One way that I have been playing scales lately is to go up to the 9th back down, repeat, then go back up to the 9th but down the arpeggio then up the arpeggio to the 9th and back down the scale then finish with arpeggio up and down and hold until lungs are empty. Then I go up a 4th and do the next scale until I go full circle to get all keys. The next day I do the same routine but with the Dorian mode to mix it up a bit. My practice time is very limited with a 2 and 4 year old around so I try to cram a lot in this one quick routine. Oh, That is the other thing....some days I will work for speed to improve the tonguing. The whole thing is less than 15 minutes. I think I saw this in a Jamie Aebersold book and thought it was a good way to get all scales everyday. I am trying to get better at improv and don't want "easy keys and hard keys". Good luck with the scales.
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