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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Scales in the General forums; Originally Posted by kctrumpeteer Attachment 5362 Here is an example of what I was looking for... I just wrote it ...
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    Re: Scales

    Quote Originally Posted by kctrumpeteer View Post
    Attachment 5362

    Here is an example of what I was looking for... I just wrote it up myself (Not sure if the attachment will work but will soon find out.) I suppose a simple program that was written to say you want to start whatever scale out on a certain note and certain octave and then it laid out the notes for you would be handy...
    KC you'd be right if you guessed your attachment would not work whereas it didn't.

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    Re: Scales

    odd as I selected image and then uploaded the file so it should work... and it was a png not a jpg file.

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    Re: Scales

    It still ain't working KC.
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    Re: Scales

    Quote Originally Posted by SFPat View Post
    Thanks SFPat! I love page 14 with 7 flats (Cb Major) ... Yeeikes. :)
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    Re: Scales

    Quote Originally Posted by mtbevins View Post
    Thanks SFPat! I love page 14 with 7 flats (Cb Major) ... Yeeikes. :)
    Don't worry about it. Just think of it as B Major (only 5 sharps!)
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    Re: Scales

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    SCALES - It's what's for practice. When I 1st joined the band in my church, the 1st song I played was in E, 2nd in B, 3rd in F#, and the last was in C#!!!!! Geetar songs will do that to you! It was a real eye opener. I am fluent in all my scales now! The "unfamiliar" scale now is C!
    I play bass and trumpet (sometimes, though more often lately) at my church. The Worship Leader has a lower voice so they take advantage of the digital keyboard's ability to lower the pitch a few steps. (Sometimes they go too low.) So, you might be looking at music or chord chart that is in G but you are playing it in Eb. On bass I have taken to using my version of the Nashville Numbering system where you number the chords. In the key of C - 1 is C, 2 is Dm, 3 is Em, 4 is F, 5 is G, 6 is Am, 7 is Bdim, and back to 1. Using this system you can play in any key if you know the scale pattern on the bass fretboard.

    On the trumpet, it's no problem since I have been playing all the scales in my warmup everyday since 3rd year of college (30 years ago). If I didn't know all the scales frontward and backward I would be in a fix since you never know what key a song will be in.

    I like the challenge...

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