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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Schools in the General forums; Groveton HS, Fairfax County, VA 1967-1969, uniforms that made us look like something out of pre-WWII Germany. Great band, though, ...
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    Re: Schools

    Groveton HS, Fairfax County, VA 1967-1969, uniforms that made us look like something out of pre-WWII Germany. Great band, though, very tough literature.

    Hayfield HS, Fairfax Co. as well, 1969-1971, OK band but great, life-long friends. Gave me my break into solo chair territory.

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    Re: Schools

    Meadowbrook High School, Chesterfield, VA 1994-1998
    Virginia Commonwealth University School of Music 1998-1999
    US Navy ever since....
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    Re: Schools


    Quote Originally Posted by Bucaneer61 View Post
    Buckhannon-Upshur High School 1959-1961 1st chair trumpet and section leader 1960-61
    Superior ratings at adjudication for every year since 1936 and still going in 2009.

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    Re: Schools

    Mansfield Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas
    2006-2008 [freshman and sophomore year]
    Our uniforms were the coolest, we got to wear 2 different colored gloves!

    Nolan Catholic High School in Fort Worth, Texas
    2008-2010 [junior and senior year]
    Private school marching band champs 5 years in a row.
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    Re: Schools

    Tyler Consolidated Highschool, Sistersville, Wv 2003-2007

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    Re: Schools

    Claxton High School; Claxton, GA. Marching band and concert band; 1994-2002. Best years of my life. My old band director died a couple of years back. He was amazing. It was a very sad day and he will be missed. Thanks for all those good years Mr. Simmons.

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    Re: Schools

    Gregory-Portland High School 1988-1992. Great program that has tradition and prides itself on its ability to do more with less.
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    Re: Schools

    East Juniata High School, Cocolamus, PA. (2005-2009) Great music program, but on the decline....Very good jazz band and pep band, but thats about it anymore....

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    Re: Schools

    Went to Reynoldsburg HS and graduated in '69. Great band then and now. We were not a competition band but they are now. My daughters are both in the current band. They marched in the Queens Parade in London on NY Day 2 years ago. Was an awesome experience for them.
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    Re: Schools

    Evans High School, Evans, GA 2002-2005
    Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Ga 2006, 2008
    - Getzen 300 Series Bb
    - ZeuS Guarnarius Polished Copper Bb - Wick 3C, GP
    - 1918 Conn New Wonder Cornet Bb/A
    - NYTC Stage 1 California C Silver

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