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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Schools in the General forums; What high school did yall play at, list the name,city,state,years in it or when youll leave I am at Siegel ...
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    What high school did yall play at, list the name,city,state,years in it or when youll leave
    I am at Siegel High School, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 2007-2011
    The marching band there is great, lots of trophies

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    Re: Schools

    Mead High School, Spokane WA, 1972-1975. We played some Don Ellis charts in stage band, played Jet-Tone mouthpieces and had some great looking flute players in marching band!
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    Re: Schools

    Alpena High Marching Band in northeast Michigan (1973-1976), My daughter currently marches in the Big Red marching Machine n Port Huron, Mich

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    Re: Schools

    West Aurora High School from Aurora Illinois, 2006-2009, and we don't have any trophies because we don't compete. We don't compete for two reasons:
    1) the band director thinks (and rightfully so) that marching band isn't really about competition for kids. Its about having fun and representing the school (btw he marched with the Phantom Regiment)
    and 2) we don't need some trophy to tell us what we already know
    Bennett Konstans

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    Re: Schools

    Cedarburg High School. Cedarburg, WI 2005-2009.

    Symphonic band
    Jazz Ensemble (always been in the top in our state)
    Pep band, (cause it's fun to blare solos over a full ensemble with a cheering crowd)
    Marching band

    Things were better my first two years. We got a new director and i miss the old one.

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    Re: Schools

    Choctawhatchee Senior High School
    Fort Walton Beach, Florida
    Known as the Stylemarcher
    Wonderful group
    Chad Hannah and Randy Nelson are wonderful instructors
    King Model 601 (my favorite horn so far)
    Vincent Bach 3c and 5c
    Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps 08, 09
    Choctawhatchee Stylemarchers 07,08
    ROLL TIDE!!!

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    Re: Schools

    Moses Lake High School, Moses Lake, Washington (State), 1971 - 1972, 1973 - 1974 (spent 1972 - 1973 in Argentina as a Rotary International Exchange Student).

    I see by Vulgano Brother's stats we probably marched in the same Lilac Festival and Apple Blossom parades (Spokane and Wenatchee). Tell me this, VB: do you remember Band Day at Joe Albi Stadium? Do they still do this albeit somewhere else?

    As for the flute players . . . yeah, I dated one . . . no, two . . . but I married one of the Drill Team Girls.

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    Re: Schools

    Ramsey High School, Ramsey, New Jersey, 2008-2012
    We are the top marching band in the state, 3 in the Northeast, and 13 an the East Coast.
    To Represent the United States, we have been selected for the second time to go to London for the coming 2010 New Year's Day Parade, also the day before we are performing in Paris for the New Year's Eve Parade in Chantilly
    What do i say, we are damn good lol hence why my life is devoted to the band even my username

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    Re: Schools

    Highland High School, Medina, Ohio 2007-2011

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    Re: Schools

    Buckhannon-Upshur High School 1959-1961 1st chair trumpet and section leader 1960-61
    Superior ratings at adjudication for every year since 1936 and still going in 2009.

    We always thought of ourselves as a "Playing organization that happens to march, not a marching organization that plays."

    My class started the jazz band program at the school and played with Buddy DeFranco at the jazz band festival my senior year.

    Both my kids and now my grand-daughters are members of this great band. My son followed his old man as 1st chair trumpet for 2 years, my daughter was all-state bass clarinet and the gran-daughters are highly placed musicians as well.


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