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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Scratched Brass in the General forums; Originally Posted by Brekelefuw DON'T USE AMMONIA ON BRASS. Ammonia weakens the structure of brass and can cause it to ...
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    Re: Scratched Brass

    Quote Originally Posted by Brekelefuw View Post
    Ammonia weakens the structure of brass and can cause it to crack. Season cracking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I use a brass scratch brush on a bench motor to scratch brush horns. You can buy them from hardware stores or repair tool suppliers. Very easy to get a flawless finish.
    I also cover the horn in Sunlight dishwashing liquid when scratch brushing. It seems to help with the finish.

    The pre-lacquering word for prepping a horn is 'De-greasing'
    You may find that loading the wire buff with Sunlight Laundry soap (a cake of laundry soap) will take the harshness off the brass. Be VERY VERY careful of powered wire wheels, they can so easily pick up the job and slam it into either the operator or the bench - either outcome could be tragic - I repeat, be CAREFUL.

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    Re: Scratched Brass

    AMEN. Been there
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    Re: Scratched Brass

    I'm done

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