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Trumpet Discussion Discuss scratched my new Xeno! in the General forums; While it is not a terrbly hard fix for a repair tech, most players do not have the ability to ...
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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    While it is not a terrbly hard fix for a repair tech, most players do not have the ability to perform this type of repair. First, the lacquer finish is most likely a baked on form of lacquer or epoxy. The tech isolates the area, buffs down the lacquer around the sight, re-lacquers (hopefully matching the tint) and voila! the scratch is gone.

    See a tech, or live with the scratch. Remember, you are not playing the finish on the horn, but the horn.

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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    I have not tried this, but for a scratch in the lacquer, I would give this a go.
    Fix It Pro Clear Car Coat Scratch Repair Pen Filler and Sealer for Simoniz | eBay

    I have not tried it yet, but I am willing to give it a go. It sounds like it would work on a clear coat.

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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    What comes out of the bell is more important, ignore the scratch and practice more!

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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    WHY do these things happen? The last NEW horn I bought was a Calicchio about 25 years ago. It got knocked off the stand on the FIRST gig after I got it, landed on the right side, froze the second valve...... Once I pushed the crook back out a bit was able to finish the job. Took it to my repair guy the following Monday. Needless to say, did not have much of an appetite on the break.
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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    If it only scratched the lacquer, you have not damaged the horn other than a visual. To keep the brass from tarnishing now that the brass is exposed to the air, put a coat of paste wax over it to seal it from discoloration.

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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    I guess its like having a new car, dings and scratches are inevitable. I guess its not too bad its just that I know its there.
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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    Scratches, dings and dents ... even disasters ... are the patina from an experienced player. Cross my fingers, only my Schilke P5-4 has so far escaped such. Most of my others are pre-owned "beaters" that I acquired with some and added more, but they all still play well.
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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    Quote Originally Posted by revjames View Post
    I guess its like having a new car, dings and scratches are inevitable. I guess its not too bad its just that I know its there.
    Yes, I know that : whenever you take the trumpet, you cannot see anything else !
    It becomes obsessive… It is only when we do not notice it anymore that we are healed …
    Meanwhile remember : playing music is the healing force of the trumpeter !
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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    The higher spirit does these things so you can focus back on the music. No one else can see it and all they care about is what they hear.
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    Re: scratched my new Xeno!

    The first scratch or dent is always the worst. Just dented the my previously pristine flugelhorn. To me, the dent looks like a lunar crater...I showed it to a friend and she had to squint to see what I was fretting about so much. Conversely, my Conn 2b and Martin Committe have numerous scratches, dents, dings and just general wear and tear, as does my Bach Strad. To me, those are just the personality of the horns and give them character. Wait a few weeks and if you can then tell the story with a laugh, let it go. Musical instruments were meant to be played, not looked at and playing them means that often unfortunate incidents will occur.
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