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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Screamer´s gadgets in the General forums; How about sitting on a tack?...
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    Re: Screamer´s gadgets

    How about sitting on a tack?
    Bob Grier, An Old Pro
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    Re: Screamer´s gadgets

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale Proctor View Post
    Here's a funny poem I ran across the other day - don't know who wrote it, though.


    My tone is so bad, I'm so forlorn
    I need something new to stick on my horn;
    whatever works is a big temptation,
    maybe what I need is an incantation...
    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble..
    Bring me a high-C and make it double.
    Powdered bat-wing, eye of newt...
    all I want to do is toot!
    Some heavy valve caps, or new valve oil,
    (do I freeze my horn or make it boil?)
    A new mouthpiece or two for sure,
    I'll scrape off the lacquer to find a cure.
    Automatic spit valves would be cutest;
    I just wanna be a real good TOOTIST!
    A coil in my tubes? Now that's the ticket,
    but I'm running out of room or places to stick it.
    If trumpet voodoo is what it takes
    I'll see what difference this stuff all makes.
    With a new grime gutter and a mute or two
    I'll circular-breathe till my face turns blue.
    But it just doesn't work, 'cause I still sound bad,
    and I think that maybe I've been had,
    so I'll send it all back, even tho it was fun,
    and get out old Arbans, and start on page one...
    I'm not really a poetry guy myself, but that's gold!

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    Re: Screamer´s gadgets

    How about sitting on a tack?
    1) Would that be good for high register or atack?
    2) Would the presence of a trumpet be nescesarry or just optional?

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