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Trumpet Discussion Discuss In search of pearls of wisdom in the General forums; Originally Posted by ecarroll Relaxation = more air speed. More air speed = good. Tossing bones in the air, EC ...
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    Re: In search of pearls of wisdom

    Quote Originally Posted by ecarroll View Post
    Relaxation = more air speed. More air speed = good.

    Tossing bones in the air,
    EC (Daisy, D a i s y, g i v e . . . m e. . . . y o u r. . . . . a n s w e r. . . . . . t o o )

    I believe that you opened the Pandora Box again...air speed, fast air...ask Rowuk

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    Re: In search of pearls of wisdom

    Only other possible problem (not already mentioned)
    Check the inside of mouthpiece and horn for possible obstructions!

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    Re: In search of pearls of wisdom


    What can i say, you are right again! I changed the mouthpiece to my old one and it played in tune. The only thing is it is smaller and the sound is nowhere near as big. However the high register is floating out whereas the other one was a bit of a struggle at times.
    If it is a case of the mouthpiece being set up wrong could i send it back for a replacement????



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    Re: In search of pearls of wisdom

    This is an issue that I take with the mouthpiece and horn modders. They add heavy valve caps that "improve the slotting". The horn gets tougher to play because the intonation goes south (they NEVER admit this though), so they bore the throat of the mouthpiece out which reduces the core of the sound, makes the slots "normal" again and gives them something to brag about.
    The end result is a fuzzier sound (that may be more attractive up close), intonation that does not lock in like a truly great horn, an inconsistent blow BUT the pleasure of having second guessed the manufacturer. I guess it feels cool to be smarter than Vincent Bach........
    In any case, there are tons of mouthpieces that are not balanced in their playing characteristics with ANY horn. You lucked out! Before you criticize your old piece, get a pair of ears that you trust to get about 50 - 100 feet away from you and the horn in a room with good acoustics. You may be surprised by the results!

    I really don't care about air speed. I consider it insignificant. For those that need it, I have no problem (as long as they are not my students - Lies are not tolerated). They have never been and will never be able to prove it.
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