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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Seeking tips for sax player wanting to play trumpets in the General forums; learn how to buzz the mouthpiece....
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    Re: Seeking tips for sax player wanting to play trumpets

    learn how to buzz the mouthpiece.

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    Re: Seeking tips for sax player wanting to play trumpets


    You may be moving the "focus of your buzz" away from the 'straight down the barrel of the mouthpiece' picture I try to maintain. Effectively you might have changed your embouchure off centre as you slur - so it gets muffled. Do the "M" set up, then just firm up the corners of your mouth in against your molars - no, don't draw the edges of your mouth back, just IN. Make your buzz, as you do now try pressing your lips slightly together - try not to increase the pressure of the mouthpiece against your face (it doesn't matter too much if you get a bit of leakage around the mouthpiece. See how you go.

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    Re: Seeking tips for sax player wanting to play trumpets

    You shouldn't be having these problems. I've never needed more than 10 minutes to have a beginner play a G in the staff. If you have access to a web cam I would be glad to take a look at you. I need to see and hear you play in order to help you.
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    Re: Seeking tips for sax player wanting to play trumpets

    Thanks, my daughter has a web cam, so Ill work out how to use it and give it a go

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