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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A Selfless Request in the General forums; To many of you here on TM I am known as "The Doc", but I have another life, as trumpet ...
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    Dayton, Ohio

    A Selfless Request

    To many of you here on TM I am known as "The Doc", but I have another life, as trumpet player for the Eddie Brookshire Quintet. In a selfless act, being as it is that time of the year again, TM members I know put us over the top last year. I am asking your good favor to cast a vote for the Eddie Brookshire Quintet as the Best of Dayton for Non-rock bands. It is so cool to get a wide national and even better, international contribution to the voting. So like they say in Chicago, vote early and vote ofter (you actuallly can when using a computer with a different IP address).

    The voting can be found on the following link:
    Best of Dayton |

    Thank you very much, from your TM doc, where the medical advice is free... and you get what you pay for. To keep this in the "Trumpet Discussion" domain, please to feel free to take shots at my trumpeting during your voting feedback component of this post (which is totally optional of course).

    Thanks a million TM family,
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    Re: A Selfless Request

    Done once (third voter) Other votes in a couple of next days.
    Mikel Dupac / Lawler C7-3R-1A + Prana B6S1R
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    Conn New Wonder cornet 1917 / Many others...
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    Re: A Selfless Request

    Dayton, eh? Might be passing through next spring, staying overnight in Fairborn.


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    Re: A Selfless Request

    Done. Good luck!
    Bach Stradivarius 43* (1974), Bach 3C Mouthpiece.
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    Plus a few other Bach, Getzen, Olds, Carol, and Besson horns.

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    Re: A Selfless Request

    Even though I know none of these other bands I have so much trust in Gary I voted for the EB Quinted, and it is now far ahead of the competition with a staggering 8 votes

    Selmer Radial, Bb.
    Yamaha YTR4420E, C.
    1930 Couesnon cornet

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    Re: A Selfless Request

    Done! Eddie Brookshire in the lead

    Um....that'll be a $14 co-pay......
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    Schilke B1 & S42 (Bb), Conn 38A Connstellation (Cornet), Bach Strad 183 (Flugel), French Besson Classic (C)
    Plus a modest collection of vintage trumpets.

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    Re: A Selfless Request

    Vote 11. A bit one sided at the moment.

    Why do I like a bell that Points UP ?
    - because the spit does not run back into my mouth!

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    Re: A Selfless Request


    Regards, Stuart.

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    Re: A Selfless Request

    Glad to. Done.
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    Olds Studio, LA (1953)
    Olds Special, Ful. (1964)
    Olds Ambassador, LA (1954)
    Olds Ambassador, Ful. (1973)
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    Bach Strad 72 MLV (1973), 72* (1982)
    Kanstul 1500 (2002), 1502 (2008), 1503 (2002)
    Kanstul 1537 (2007)
    Kanstul Chicago (2000)
    Kanstul 1510 C
    King Liberty (1929,1929)
    King Liberty 2 (1938, 1944)
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    Re: A Selfless Request

    Done - still in the lead.

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    Weril EP4071 Pocket
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