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Trumpet Discussion Discuss To sell or not to sell... in the General forums; Originally Posted by mike ansberry I, too have been thinking about selling some instruments that don't get used much. My ...
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    Re: To sell or not to sell...

    Quote Originally Posted by mike ansberry View Post
    I, too have been thinking about selling some instruments that don't get used much. My '49 Super doesn't suit my playing. It is a very light, bright horn. Reminds me of my old Benge. But I hate to sell it. Such a cool horn. I am also consider selling my Eclipse MR. It isn't really different from my other horns. I sold an early 1900's Vega large bore #5 to Brad Goode a while back. It was a cool horn and played well, but didn't get played much. Even though it was a unique and cool horn, I don't miss it. I guess if I don't need the money I may as well keep them.
    Its absolutely my BEST intention to sell off a good part of my collection. I think about it with no trepidation at all, even sort through the horns to discover ones I haven't much noticed since I first got them because they were received in the middle of a busy period. I've gotten rid of al but a few of my start up horns; those I feel good about donating. My Holton collection will, as my Vega collection will never go. When I am determined that its time and I'll get rid of all but those two collections and???? thats where I get stuck. I know, and tell others to just get rid of them but I'm a hypocrite. When I saw that the L5 vega was once available, sold and I didn't get a chance at it I feel a sense of loss. Why did I become so...addicted?

    By the way, if there are more Vegas that someone wants to unload, here I am !

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    Re: To sell or not to sell...

    Wow, Joe1Joey, I didn't know. Sorry. The Vega L5 was a nice horn. Brad Goode might still have it and I don't think he plays it.
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