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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A serious trumpet in the General forums; There is no perfect horn for everyone; try as many as you can, but a word of caution. That is, ...
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    Re: A serious trumpet

    There is no perfect horn for everyone; try as many as you can, but a word of caution. That is, never buy a horn that you haven't played personally. That includes a model that you have tried and decide later to buy via internet etc. My experince is that horns from the same maker and model can play differently. I know some may not agree with my opinion, but time has proven this true for me personally, at least. Good Luck and have a ball finding your new horn.

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    Re: A serious trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by blu_knote View Post
    I need HELP!! I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about trumpets until I starting seriously surfing the web in search of "The Perfect Horn". I like playing jazz and blues but would like a versatile horn for all playing arenas. Sound and Function are my primary concerns but Harrelson and Monette have caught my eyes. I also like the Zeus line. Anyone have suggestions on what to get. Help me shop!! (Monette is out of the question-- too much $$$. But I am willing to spend up to $2500 because this is a long time investment and will get MUCH use. Plus thats all my wife will let me spend.)

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    It will be VERY worth your while to contact Ivan Hunter at trumpets plus. He has a wonderful trumpet,,and its on sale right now...Hundreds of hours of research have gone into this trumpet... Ivan is a wonderful repair man/ designer give him a call. Regards, Otto

    Otto Alcon

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    Re: A serious trumpet

    Monette, Taylor, Harrleson and those guys are what I conciter to be "custom" horns, they are made the way YOU want them to be, and that causes them to be more expencive becuase they have to be hand made and such. There are a lot of great horn makers out there now and even some from the past still are hanging on like Martins. You just gotta play around and find one you like.
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    Re: A serious trumpet

    Did anybody notice that the OP posted this over 2 1/2 years ago? He is long gone. So, the discussion is now just between us guys who are sitting around here and trying to impress each other.
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    Re: A serious trumpet

    High 5 to CBK!
    I was rolling reading this

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