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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Sharing my heartbreak in the General forums; I had purchased this horn on ebay to get back into playing after a forty year break. It is not ...
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    Sharing my heartbreak

    I had purchased this horn on ebay to get back into playing after a forty year break. It is not a fancy high dollar horn but I sent it in and had it cleaned with new corks and felts,braces resoldered etc. It became a really good looking and good playing beginners horn. The time came that I decided it would be good to move up to an intermediate or pro level horn so I sold a few that I had collected this was one since I would most likely never play it if I had a better one.

    A couple of weeks later I got a message from the buyer that he wanted to return it because I had cheated him and sent him a different horn than was pictured in the listing. I told him that it was the same horn and that if he would check the serial number it was the same as on the horn in the listing. But I told him if he was not happy with it he could return it. Here is what I got back.

    I included pictures of the case it was shipped in as you can see there is no damage and not a mark on the case. He also returned it in the box I shipped it to him in,no damage to the shipping box either. Myself and the repair shop I deal with feel that the horn had to be out of the case when it was dropped straight down on the bell.
    I researched options on the ebay forums and as they suggested I refunded his full payment including shipping fees.
    I have sent the horn back to the repair shop and I hope they can do a good job of straightening the dents out. It is just heartbreaking to see this done to a decent horn and infuriating to have him accuse me of cheating him. Now I will have to take a major loss on this horn. The original purchase price $75, the original repair shop charge $70,shipping to him $14,ebay listing fee $3.60,ebay final value charge about $30, whatever the repair charge will be now and I will have to sell it at a lower price with the major dent repair.
    It is a 1982 Conn 18B Director,nothing spectacular, even less so now.
    Beware the possible downfalls of selling through ebay, their rules protect the buyer but no protection for a seller.

    Tom Hodges

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    Re: Sharing my heartbreak

    Tough one. Look like you're being taken for a ride. If you had clarified some sort of return policy before shipping it out, this could have been prevented, but I guess it's too late now. I would not refund the shipping cost. I bought a couple of horns on e-bay and many sellers have no problem with a no return policy, although claiming that the item is different than advertised gets around that I suppose. The better ones, who do have a return policy (7 days or 14 days for most), usually have the buyer pay the return shipping cost. However, at this point, it seems that whatever it'll take to avoid negative feedback is what you should do. Perhaps more experienced e-bay users can tell you if there is some sort of arbitration that you can go through. Sorry about your horn, it's always painful to see some thing like that.

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    Re: Sharing my heartbreak

    I asked about the situation on the ebay community forum. I was told that even if you specify no returns in your listing that ebay or Paypal (either or both) can force the seller to accept the return. And if you fight it and lose you will get negative feedback. With negative feedback ebay charges a higher percentage for a final value fee and the listing fees also go up.
    But I did let the guy know,in not very pleasant language,that I was well aware of his dishonesty. I was smart enough not to post feedback on him as a buyer until he posted on me as the seller. In my last message to him I told him just how I felt about what he had done and finished by saying there was nothing left to do but post feedback I said "you first". He replyed saying he would leave no feedback if I would not either.We have left it at that. Not the end I was hoping for but that is life in my world.

    The shop that repairs my horns has done a very good job of removing dents similar to this in the past so I am sure it will look good but I must be honest and list all the repairs it has had. When I first purchased this horn the seller failed to mention an obviously loose brace. I will not do that to anyone buying one of my horns.

    Tom Hodges

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