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Before you go half-cocked and start spending some cash based on what a guy like me or any of us say -- strangers on the internet -- what did you teacher say? Ask to see the list of solos from last year or last term, what were they?

The Vizzutti might be perferct. I've no idea.

"We dont' get what we expect; we get what we inspect."

The Balay someone mentioned I have looked at before, when my teacher and I were looking for something to play freshmen year.

I have concert etude and I have never used it for a recital or solo, so I might do that but my double tounging is not quite up to par.

I could do the first charlier etude(played in recital) but it takes up a lot of my endurance, I need to have energy left for the required etudes, scales, and sightreading. I am preety much dead after I am finished with the charlier.

I would ask my teacher, but I am not taking lessons until school starts.

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will do one of the three I mentioned above.

I also just ask because I just want to have more music in me library.
My teacher said that I should buy music this summer anyway.