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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Should we always take the easy option? in the General forums; I dunno. I have a history of light and bright Bb trumpets and darker and heavier C trumpets and they ...
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    Re: Should we always take the easy option?

    I dunno. I have a history of light and bright Bb trumpets and darker and heavier C trumpets and they have worked in both dead and live halls, and listening to recordings, the sound I heard at my end of the horn made it on to the tape. Just lucky, I guess.
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    Re: Should we always take the easy option?

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    Re: Should we always take the easy option?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sethoflagos View Post
    But I get a significantly better tone on bigger mouthpieces and often play either a DW 2W or DW 1CW on the basis that they're giving a better workout for my embouchure.

    Is this false reasoning?
    Seth, I use the mouthpiece that produces the best sound, and hang the rest. Period. I figure "the rest" is a great reason to practice. (To the scrupulous: yeah, I know I "produce" the sound).

    As to your 2nd bit about a bigger mouthpiece, I've done it also. Now, my take is, I stick with the one that has the best timbre. I tend to chip notes otherwise.
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    Re: Should we always take the easy option?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sethoflagos View Post
    ......I have a sound concept, or rather a sound concept spectrum, I wish to develop. It just so happens that I find it easier to realise (at least mid-range) on the DW 2W, a moderately large, moderately deep piece. But I need to work on many aspects of my play, not least my endurance, in order to get there.

    The question is, do I get to where I want to be via the easy, scenic route (ie regain the endurance I recently lost via an 'easy' 3C stage) or climb the mountain the direct route and just go for it, even if it reduces my effective practice time down to 30-45 minutes a day?
    Just to update, or maybe round off this thread.

    There is such a thing as a step too far. I gave the 2W 4 months and despite some apparent early progress I started going backwards with it. Although it's smaller than the DW 1W I used to play, I just haven't been able to get sufficient note control to make any headway this time around. The tone starts okay but rapidly drifts to dull and muddy, initiating a note is hit and miss, any slightest disturbance (such as tonguing) just cracks the note, and my attempts at control tend to spiral down into a choked in aperture. Not a good place to be.

    So for the past week I've stepped back to the medium depth DW 1CW, and it's like seeing months of progress appear overnight. Long, long way to go yet of course. But tone and control are much improved, I can lift the colour to brazen and back without blasting, and providing I keep it gentle, the attack on a tongued note is as clean as I've ever been able to manage (thanks mainly to Rowuk's 'Circle of Breath' I guess).

    I'm still convinced that the initial premise is good and you don't get far unless you push yourself. But for me at least, I need to get my chops in much better shape before I try venturing into the deeper pieces again.
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