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Trumpet Discussion Discuss sight reading in the General forums; I've heard reading the newspaper or a novel while practicing scales or something helps your sight reading because it gets ...
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    Re: sight reading

    I've heard reading the newspaper or a novel while practicing scales or something helps your sight reading because it gets you used to using both parts of your brain required. I'm dubious as to whether or not this is true though.

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    Re: sight reading

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Grier View Post
    Start with short songs ala Arban's phrasing studies. Pick one song and figure it out. Stay with it untill you can play it correctly. Then do another, etc. Do this everyday. The goal is to be able to read correctly not just the notes and rhythms but dynamics and phrasing. It just takes spending time with it over the long run. If you just play through something and you don't correct your mistakes, you will not improve....
    To become a better player on a given piece of music, I would agree with Mr. Grier that you should "Stay with it until you can play it correctly." However, to improve sight-reading skills, I may respectfully disagree with the proposition that "If you just play through something and you don't correct your mistakes, you will not improve..."

    I have recently read through Roger Ingram's book, Clinical Notes On Trumpet Playing ( Roger Ingram Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing ), and Mr. Ingram's suggestion is just the opposite for the SOLE purpose of improving sight-reading skills. His exercise consists of creating a stack of music, then reading through each piece ONE TIME ONLY. Do not go back and fix your mistakes, because this will lessen the urge to "get it right the first time." Ingram acknowledges that this seems unorthodox, but insists on its application. Again, this is for improving that one special skill of sight reading. It is not to improve your performance on a piece of music. With time, you will be looking further and further ahead--at least to the bar ahead.

    Food for thought...
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    Re: sight reading

    I am not a great sight reader but I am so much better then what I was - why the change I was roped into playing handbells for my church and if you are familiar with them you will know that its not alot playing - but ton of counting all the time - and as a trumpeter who "heard" where I was the music not such good idea with bells because of the time lapse (not such a good idea with trumpet either). Besides just working on playing stuff your unfamiliar with - but joining a precussion ensemble would be a good idea - it really helped me.

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    Re: sight reading

    As a professional, reading just one measure ahead is not enough. We read whole phrases at a time. As one becomes good at "reading" music, one becomes better at "sight reading" music. When one has aquired the technicial skills of playing the horn then it doesn't take very long to learn a new piece of music. When you read a lot of music your sight reading becomes better. It's not a secret.
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